Phyleaux Lab Talks and Posters

Evolution 2014

Jeremy Brown - Talk - Using networks to explore, quantify, and summarize phylogenetic tree space - Slides     Video

Jeremy Ash - Poster - Community detection on networks of topologies and bipartitions identifies conflicting phylogenetic signal

Evolution 2015

Jeremy Brown - Talk - Comparing the Amount and Quality of Information from Different Sequencing Strategies: A Case Study with Amniotes - Slides

Evolution 2016

Jeremy Brown - Talk - Climbing Peaks and Crossing Valleys: Metropolis Coupling and Rugged Phylogenetic Distributions - Slides

Guifang Zhou - Next-Generation Phylogenetic Inference Lightning Talk - A Network Framework to Explore Phylogenetic Structure in Genomic Data - Slides

Guifang Zhou - iEvoBio Lightning Talk - TreeScaper: Software to Visualize and Extract Phylogenetic Signals From Sets of Trees - Slides

Lyndon Coghill - Talk - Big Data and Outlier Loci - A Cautionary Tale with Genome-Scale Phylogenetic Data - Slides


Phyleaux Lab Theses and Dissertations

Brad Nelson - Master's Thesis - Bayesian Model-building in Phylogenetics


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Unix Tutorial for Beginners

Software Carpentry on the Unix Shell

tutorialspoint Unix Tutorial


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Python for Biologists

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Software Carpentry on Python

tutorialspoint Python Tutorial

Computer Science Online - Python Resources for Programmers


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Bioinformatics Resources

The Elements of Bioinformatics from Eagle Genomics


Resources to help understand...probability and statistics

Ziheng Yang's Primer on Probability and Statistics


Resources to help understand...the coalescent

Trevor Bedford's coaltrace simulator


Resources to help understand...phylogenetic inference

Bodega Bay Workshop Tutorials

Online Phyloseminars


Resources to help understand...comparative methods

Carl Boettiger's Open Lab Notebook

Bodega Bay Workshop Tutorials

Online Phyloseminars

R-phylo Wiki


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