David Morris

2014 B.S. Genetics and Biotechnology, Brigham Young University Provo

I began a Master’s program with Jeremy Brown in the fall of 2014, after having worked with Keith Crandall and Seth Bybee at Brigham Young University.


Likes: Mantis shrimp, well-fitted models, overly complicated tabletop games

Dislikes: default parameters, poor sequence alignments, running out of nutella

General Interests

I’m interested in many molecular evolution questions, such as the role of genome structure and gene duplication in speciation. I’m also curious about how we can better reflect what we know about underlying biological properties as we infer evolutionary processes.

Research at LSU

I’m currently exploring different was to account for substitution rate heterogeneity in ultraconserved elements. I’m also working with Jeremy Brown and other researchers to detect conflicting phylogenetic signal contained within tree sets.